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My PlanetBox got dented in the corner – can I fix it?

Last Updated: May 26, 2015 07:40AM PDT
PlanetBox is made of a strong gauge stainless steel, and is very hard to dent. That said, if you drop it with enough force, at a specific angle, it's possible that a corner can dent.

Thankfully, a bend in stainless steel is rather easy to fix (as opposed to plastic, which just breaks). All you need is a regular old set of pliers, and a thin soft cloth (like a thin dishtowel). You use the dishtowel to keep the pliers from scratching the metal, but really a scratch wouldn’t actually hurt the metal, it would just be cosmetic. You wrap the cloth around the edge and use the pliers to grasp the bent edge and pull out to straighten it out. It really is that simple.  Here is a short video showing you how:

We like to recommend that people try fixing small issues with their PlanetBox first, as this is the fastest, easiest, and most eco way to get your PlanetBox back in working order. 

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